Eradication & Disposal - Hard Drives

Degauss & Disposal of Hard DrivesMPS has been eradicating data from hard drives and computer media nationwide since 1989. We understand the sensitivity of your data, and offer several options for safe and thorough destruction or degaussing of your hard drives.

Option 1 - On-Site Shredding - (Minnesota Only)
For a minimum of 500 hard drives, our NAID AAA Certified on-site mobile shredding service provides end-users the security associated with witnessing the destruction without the downtime of travel or the cost of preparing the media for transport. Proper disposal of all shredded material will take place within 72 hours of shredding.

Option 2 — Eradicating at MPS Facility
For half the cost of on-site shredding, the customer may choose to ship their hard drives to our facility in Brooklyn Park, MN. We will validate the drive count upon arrival. Each hard drive is processed at an 8,000 gauss level in compliance with the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Guidelines. Depending on quantity, customer has the option to witness eradication.

Option 3 — Equipment Rental
For customers who are unable to release the drives with information on them, MPS will rent equipment for you to degauss up to 300 hard drives per day at your facility. Equipment is rented on a weekly basis, plus shipping. Eradicated drives can be shipped back to MPS with the equipment to be recycled for a nominal fee.

Hard Drive Recycling
Upon completion of the eradication process in option 2 & 3, the drives are recycled in compliance with the EPA Responsible Recycling (R2) Practices for dismantling and recycling of electronic waste, preventing hazardous e-waste from entering our municipal incinerators or landfills.

Certificate of Data Eradication
MPS guarantees that all of your information will be eradicated. A Certificate of Eradication is provided based on the lot or by individual drive serial number, depending on the customer’s requirements.

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