Buy Back & Eradication

As your data center upgrades to new technology, we offer to buy back your new or used excess computer media and drives. This helps your budget concerns by offsetting some of the cost of the upgrade.  In addition to earning credit towards future purchases, we guarantee that the information is eradicated from every cartridge.

MPS does not have equipment on site that allows us to read the data on any tape. Each tape is processed using a thorough write/erase process writing alternating zeros and ones to the tape. Items such as the headers and other L&I information are not retained, and a new end-of-tape mark is written. A Certificate of Eradication is provided for your records.

Not only does this give you peace of mind that your sensitive data is completely erased, it also enables your staff to concentrate on your upgrade. Plus, it is an environmentally friendly solution to landfills.

To assist with compliance issues, secure shipping is available upon request.  We can also scan your cartridges and provide a list of volser numbers received for your records.

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