Smart. Simple. Safe.

A Best-in-Class Solution. Designed to reliably protect your business' valuable assets, the RDX Removable Hard Disk Drive Storage System is a smart replacement to DDS/DAT, VXA and DLT tapes.

The RDX Storage System features a high-capacity mobile 2.5” hard drive in a shock-resistant mounting system. Each removable disk cartridge is tough enough to withstand a one-meter fall and still operate. Its portability allows you to organize your data however you choose; take it offsite for even greater data protection.

There’s intelligence in this simplicity. You’ll be more inclined to save data because backups are so fast. Plus, you can restore files in seconds instead of hours. Drag-and-drop functionality makes file access easy. Because the RDX Storage System works with most popular backup software, it’s easy to schedule monthly, weekly or daily backups.

The more valuable your company data, the larger your storage requirements and the more you need the RDX Storage System.

RDX Cartridges
Description Price
RDX 160GB Cartridge $193.20

RDX 320GB Cartridge TAA Compliant $136.95

RDX 500GB Cartridge $158.95

RDX 640GB Cartridge $110.95

RDX 750GB Cartridge $126.95

RDX 1TB Cartridge $208.95

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RDX Docking Stations
Description Price
RDX External USB Docking Station $162.95
RDX Internal 5.25" USB Docking Station $112.95
RDX Internal 3.5" SATA Docking Station $154.99

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