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MPS has the ability to print Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels. These include a barcode, six digit number sequence and integrated circuit with a passive RFID chip and custom-designed antenna for extended range.

At the heart of the label is Imation’s custom designed antenna, which extends ranges up to 6 feet for a single cartridge and up to 2 feet for 20 cartridges in a DataGuard transport case. This enables Ultra High Frequency (UHF) readers to quickly read each cartridge with 100% accuracy and reliability, thus allowing data center personnel to more efficiently track every tape cartridge.

Label Sizes:   Available in three label types, each with optimal antenna design for maximum read range.

LTO, T1000:   17mm x 79mm
3592:   12.04mm x 88.6mm
3xxx, 9xxx:   12.34mm x 79.45mm

RFID Identification:   Each label includes an "RF" designator for visual differentiation from non-RFID Volser labels.

RFID Identification

AquaGuard™ Surface:  An added advantage to using Imation's RFID labels is that each label features an AquaGuard Surface that will not wash away and is smudge-and smear-resistant. The AquaGuard surface locks the ink in place, extending the life of your label.

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