Are you are looking for an enterprise class solution for secure portable storage?

Imation and IronKey offer excellent solutions to help organizations prevent costly data breaches and ensure that all of their sensitive mobile data remains safe. They both offer FIPS 140-2 Level 3 hardware encryption and central management software. Here are some additional reasons to choose the Imation Defender Collection:

  • Imation's Defender Collection™ has the broadest portfolio available, including encrypted flash, external hard drives and opticals.
  • The Defender Collection of flash and external hard drives offers a biometric (fingerprint) password option which adds a second method of authentication and additional security. It is also one less password for users to remember and cuts down on password reset requests to the help desk.
  • Defenders offers a public partition option which allows up to 10 users per device.
  • Defender's Access Enterprise Software can be loaded on your server instead of requiring the purchase of a dedicated server.
  • Defender's Access Enterprise Software has a one time license fee instead of an annual fee.
  • Defender has a five year warranty - the longest in its class.

We would appreciate the opportunity to set up a webinar that will further explain the features and benefits, and answer all of the questions you may have. Please contact us at 877-255-2080,, or visit our website for the full Imation Defender Collection.