Frequently Asked Questions

What is your warranty on like-new certified media? 
MPS is so confident in the quality of our like-new certified media that we offer a 10-year written warranty! 

What is your return ratio on certified media? 
Most companies have moved to LTO's and 3592s which are the most reliable media we have seen in the 29 years of selling tape. Our return ratio on certified is equal or less than our return ratio on new.

Do you sell NEW media?
Yes!  Although we promote our certified media because we know that it can save your data center thousands of dollars, we are one of the largest resellers in the country for brands like IBM, Fuji, HP, Maxell, TDK, Imation, Sony and Quantum.

What brands do you carry? 
MPS can offer virtually every brand of media available – both new and certified.  We’re proud to have direct distributorships with top manufacturers such as IBM, HP and Fuji. 

Do you sell other products besides computer media? 
MPS offers a wide variety of media accessories – including custom-barcoded labels, storage racks, carrying cases, degaussers, and refurbished IT hardware.

What is your lead time on custom-barcode labels? 
We’re proud to offer 24-hour turnaround time on our labels . We have extensive experience in printing customized NETC labels – we’ve printed over 4 million to date so we can get you the label you need – fast.

Can you label and initialize? 
We can label & initialize every enterprise cartridge available, and in most cases, ship the same day! We have the capability to process up to 3,000 cartridges per day, saving your data center valuable time.

Will you buy back my excess computer media? 
Absolutely!  Let us know the product you have available (quantity and brands), and we can offer you a price. Most of our customers choose to use this money as credit so it stays in their tape budget! For outdated media we offer a degaussing and disposal service.

How do I know my information will be erased? 
Every tape that we receive is degaussed or erased, depending on servo- tracks, upon arrival to our facility.  In our 20-year history, we haven’t lost a single byte!  We provide Certificate of Eradication for your records upon completion.

What happens to my tapes if I use your degaussing & disposal service?
For outdated media, or media you do not want re-sold, we offer a D&D service.  After the tapes are processed, they are sent to a local waste management facility where they are incinerated and converted into a "Refuse Derived Fuel" that is used to generate electricity at a local plant.

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